About Moonlight on Main

The Museum of the Moon was exhibited in downtown Belmont for three weekends serving as the backdrop for a series of lunar-inspired events. Over the centuries, the moon has been used as a timekeeper, calendar, and source of light to aid nighttime navigation. The evenings and weekends evoked passion and exploration as the ethereal blue light cast by the full moon served as the perfect environment for art exhibitions, theater performances, and a variety of musical concerts. We hope the exhibit was an educational experience of a lifetime and inspired the next generation of scientists, artists, poets, writers, and musicians from Gaston County. During Halloween weekend, the mysterious dark side of the moon invited the most ghoulish of them all into downtown for a “spooktacular” good time.

Downtown Belmont Development Association

The mission of the DBDA is to further advance the economic, aesthetic, and cultural environment of historic downtown Belmont. We are advancing the hub of a growing collection of independently owned businesses exemplifying an environment supportive of small business and entrepreneurial development. These distinct districts, connected by trails, sidewalks, and city streets, offer a variety of experiences from outdoor recreational opportunities to downtown living, dining, and family-friendly entertainment.

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